Vacuum Sealers Machine 220V With Free 10pcs Vacuum Bags For Kitchen Household Food Vacuum Sealer Packaging Machine

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  • Sealing Length: 30cm
  • With Vacuum Bag: Yes
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Model Number: MJFKJ06XM
  • Type: Hand Held
  • Brand Name: XIAOMI
  • Origin: Mainland China

We will send the correct plug adapter or conversion plug for your country.

XIAOMI MIJIA Vacuum Sealers Machine Main Feature
*Intelligent bag detection, no need to lift the cover, after the bag is put in, the infrared detection will automatically press down to start, bid farewell to the tedious work of lifting the cover of the traditional manual sealing machine, holding the bag with one hand and pressing the button with one hand;
*-70kPa large suction vacuum pump, bring strong suction, fast vacuum, lasting preservation;
*Support vacuum pumping, automatic identification, plug and play;
*Eight safety protection measures, more secure use, temperature monitoring, high temperature warning, water full reminder, water tank removal protection, overvoltage protection, overload protection, non-heating by external pumping, DC low-voltage heating.
*Press-free automatic ,Vacuum seal is completed with one key
*Sealing length 300mm,Multiple bags can be sealed
*Detachable drain sink,easier to clean

XIAOMI MIJIA Vacuum Sealers Machine
Insect-proof, moisture-proof and odor-proof, the food is fresh for a long time
Non-pressing automatic │ -70kPa large suction
Common for dry and wet food ingredients │ Support vacuum outside pumping

*Press-free Automatic
*-70kPa Large Suction

*Universal for Dry and Wet Food 
*Support External Vacuum Pumping
*Intelligent Bag Detection
*Sealing Length 300mm
*Removable Sink
*8 Safety Protection

Vacuum sealing is healthier
Keep nutrients fresh for a long time
Insect-proof, moisture-proof and odor-proof, the refrigerator storage is more tidy. Food vacuum anti-oxidation, delay mildew, fresh taste and nutrition is not easy to lose.

Non-vacuum preservation VS vacuum preservation

Press-free automatic *
Vacuum seal is completed with one key
There is no need to lift the cover, and the bag is automatically pressed and started by infrared detection after being put into the bag,  Say goodbye to the tedious work of lifting the cover of the traditional manual sealing machine,  The vacuum chamber has a built-in baffle to prevent the bag from going too deep.

Select mode*
place bag*
complete take out*
*Automatic: Automatic mode includes infrared bag detection, automatic pressing, vacuuming, sealing, automatic lifting and other processes.
* Select mode: After selecting the mode, put the food that needs to be vacuum into the bag. Hold the bag with both hands to avoid wrinkles or movement of the bag.
*Placing the bag: When putting it into the vacuum bag, please put the grain side down! Improve the success rate of bag detection.

Dry goods: insect-proof, moisture-proof and mildew-proof
With juice food category: refrigerator refrigerated without odor
Snacks: Bag sealed crispy not return damp
Succulents : free control of on-point and external pumping

-70kPa high suction power*
Fast vacuum, long-lasting freshness
New generation vacuum pump, bring strong suction, long life more durable, vacuum pump flow 7L/min, high vacuum efficiency.

Support vacuum pumping
Automatic identification, plug and play
Insert the accessory*, automatically enter the external pumping function, and touch the button to start the vacuum pumping mode. It supports up to 32mm large-diameter accessories, and is compatible with a variety of sealed cans and air valve vacuum bags*.

*Insert accessories: When you hear a click when inserting, it means that the insertion is successful.
*Airtight Jar and Air Valve Vacuum Bag: Sold separately.

Sealing length 300mm
Multiple bags can be sealed
300mm bag mouth width, compatible with most vacuum bag sizes, small bags can be sealed with multiple bags *. 12V low pressure heating,2.5mm sealing width, sealing tighter and firmer.
High power
Low pressure heating
Sealing width
Intelligent monitoring
*Multiple bags sealed together: It is recommended to put in the bag first, and then select the mode, to avoid automatic pressing down when the bag is put into the bag.
*NTC intelligent monitoring: In the sealing mode, NTC intelligently detects the temperature, automatically adjusts the sealing heating time, and the sealing interval of each bag is 20 seconds, and can be sealed 30 times continuously.
*Data are from laboratory.
*The picture of the vacuum bag is only for illustration, please refer to the actual size for the specific size.

Detachable drain sink
easier to clean
Tank built-in floating plate, which intelligently senses the change of the water level, and gives an early warning* before the water is full, so that the juice is not easy to leak. One-piece high-temperature-resistant silicone, anti-oil and anti-aging, clean after one flush.
* Early warning before the water is full: the volume of the tank is 100mL, when the liquid in the tank reaches 50-60mL, the power indicator light flashes red, and the machine stops working to avoid the overflow of the liquid.

*Temperature Monitoring
*High Temperature Warning
*Overload Protection
*Overvoltage Protection
*Full Water Reminder
*External Pump Can Not be Heated
*Water Sink Removal Protection
*DC Low Pressure Heating

More applicable scenarios
pet food
Certificate document
metal jewelry
anti-oxidation toy color clay

*Comes With a Vacuum Preservation Bag
*Touch operation interface
*Small size and easy to store
*The sealing distance of the bag mouth is small
*Non-slip silicone mat

Mijia Vacuum Sealer × 1
External pumping accessories × 1
Vacuum bag × 10
Manual × 1

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With Vacuum Bag


Power Source


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Hand Held

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Mainland China


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